IMP Canada

Our company specializes in recruitment by connecting businesses and eligible Job Seekers. An Employer's primary objective is recruiting qualified Canadian Citizens/Permanent Residents, however, if these Open Positions cannot be filled by Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents, we complete full-services (Recruitment-to-Settlement) to Employers and International Job Seekers.

We provide expertise in navigating the complex legislative landscape of immigration and international worker requirements when there is a shortage of local qualified workers. Our goal is to enable organizations to focus on internal operations rather than external factors affecting their staffing situation.

This specialized skill set as a part of the Mercan Group of Companies ensures that staffing shortages are addressed effectively and promptly, with guaranteed results.

Mercan Group of Companies

The Mercan Group is a family of companies that provides full-service international labour and employment services to both businesses and individuals seeking employment and immigration.

The group of companies includes:

IMP Canada provides specialized services to businesses requiring labour solutions in Canada and the United States.

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