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IMP Canada

IMP Canada is a member of the Mercan Group of Companies (MG) with a focus on helping businesses address their staffing shortages using local and international solutions across all industries.

Our company specializes in recruitment by connecting businesses and eligible Job Seekers.  All open positions will be offered to Canadian Citizens / Permanent Residents.  If an Open Position cannot be filled by a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident, we complete a full-service to Employers and International Job Seekers.  We provide expertise in navigating the complex legislative landscape of immigration and international worker requirements when there is a shortage of local qualified workers. Our goal is to enable organizations to focus on internal operations rather than external factors affecting their staffing situation.

This specialized skill set is combined with IMP's ability to leverage the skills and processes of Mercan Group of Companies to ensure that staffing shortages are addressed effectively and promptly, with guaranteed results.

Mercan Group of Companies

The Mercan Group is a family of companies that provides full-service international labour and employment services to both businesses and individuals seeking employment and immigration.

The group of companies includes:

IMP Canada provides specialized services to businesses requiring labour solutions in Canada and the United States.

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