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Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) Services

As a Service Canada/ESDC requirement for the recruitment and extension of the employment of temporary interterminal workers, IMP can help your business from stage one of the temporary interterminal worker process.

Advertising Posting Services

A continuation of the Service Canada and ESDC's requirements, we offer a yearly service related to maintaining a TFW base in Canada.

Overseas Recruitment

Through the Mercan Group, we provide your business with pool of qualified candidates through our overseas offices who have already been screened and passed our recruitment processes.

Navigation of Foreign Policy

In addition to Canadian labour laws, the Mercan Group provides expertise on the requirements of foreign governments for worker deployment.

In-Canada Recruitment through Relocation

In some cases, there are interterminal workers with in-Canada work experience that are able to provide the skills that employers need. Our established network allows us to utilize this talent pool.

Settlement Services

In some markets, IMP can assist with the arrival of your temporary interterminal workers by arranging the essentials of the settlement process. These may include airport transportation, housing and documents, and applications such as SIN, bank account, public transit and more.