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CONSULT The entire process is initiated by the Client-Agent consultation sessions, where both parties will identify and analyze past and present recruitment requirements. Based on this information, we will develop an action plan of customized solutions to meet the needs, wants and goals of the Employer.
We conduct internet advertising with job postings on popular international job-boards, we use a unique advertising style that highlights job opportunities, needed key competencies, possible compensation packages in order to attract applicants.
Our method for screening and selecting top quality applicants includes initial screening, behavioural based interviewing, knowledge and skills assessment, video interviewing, past employment verification, and reference checks.
DELIVER We ensure that the various immigration and travel documents are processed for each of your foreign workers. This includes government applications, foreign government applications, certificates, trades equivalency applications, testing and certifications. We also complete pre-departure/arrival orientation for both the foreign worker and Client, including settlement services, acculturation assistance, and transitional housing.
Our services do not end with the arrival of the international workers. Satisfying the requirements of our clients is our primary goal. Therefore, we are fully committed to satisfying all respective needs beyond settlement to ensure long-lasting relationships. Offering insight to new government programs and monitoring the foreign workers documents ensures a successful plan.
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