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Thank you for visiting IMP Canada Online. We hope to partner with you to enhance your company's human resource needs by solving staffing shortages with international workers. We understand the urgency required in addressing the issue of labour market shortages, we also recognize this unique opportunity to represent ourselves as a solution to your needs.

IMP Canada Inc (IMP) is part of the Mercan Group of Companies. Combined, the group of companies provide full-service, recruitment-to-settlement assistance and immigration to Canadian firms experiencing labour shortages. From locating qualified people to Canadian immigration, the Group is uniquely positioned to deliver effective solutions in a timely, convenient, and customized manner. 
We propose the opportunities available to you through the provincial and federal government programs, and our effective processing system allows qualified foreign workers to be easily and quickly placed within your company. We also help companies extend their foreign workers’ permits to stay longer in Canada and/or achieve Canadian immigration.
In addition to our other services, we provide services for foreign investors and entrepreneurs, assisting in the immigration process and business planning in Canada (please see Investors link). If you are interested in these services, we would invite you to contact us to further discuss your business prospects in Canada.
Mercan Group's successful track record makes us a valuable partner throughout the recruitment–to-settlement and immigration process. Together with our partner companies, we have assisted over 35,000 people gain their permanent residency in our 20 plus years of service. Located in the heart of the prairies—Saskatoon, Saskatchewan—we are a well-established, professional company ready and willing to assist clients in all provinces and territories in Canada with our international solutions.
We are very excited about working with you and are certain that with our confidence and knowledge, your company’s human resource needs and/or personal career goals will be fulfilled.
Michael B. Lieffers
IMP Canada Inc.
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